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  • Salesforce – the key to success?

  • Salesforce – the key to success?

Customer data platform

Salesforce – The key to unlocking the conundrum between ePrivacy and personalization?

Businesses today are constantly competing to grab the customers’ attention. One of the biggest challenges for companies in the age of ePrivacy is addressing customers personally, as well as offering bespoke solutions and a comprehensive customer journey – especially without cookies.

We’ve been working with our customers to introduce the Salesforce Data Cloud, which is part of the Salesforce Cloud solution. The Salesforce Data Cloud, also called the Customer Data Platform (CDP), defines the identity of a user and then personalizes the customer journey.

Using CDP, suitable content and advertising campaigns are automatically delivered to the end customers on their preferred touchpoint (e-mail, SMS, website, social media, etc.) based on their past behavior, thus offering a significantly improved customer experience.

At the same time, our customer was able to derive an additional benefit from using CDP, because the Salesforce Data Cloud enables a comparable, holistic view of customer data based on cross-channel interactions and thus serves as an important tool for optimizing customer relationships.

Our customer has benefited twice from the decision to use CDP: with a personalized, and thus improved, customer journey, and a new customer data view that opens up new possibilities for customer interaction.

Three questions for
Camilla, Mercedes-Benz
Digital Transformation

What was the challenge for you during the project?
Bringing together different cloud and touchpoint owners as well as going live with use cases in consideration of ePrivacy and the GDPR guidelines.

What is your takeaway personally?
Experience in the area of ePrivacy, GDPR, implementation of a customer data platform, and cross-touchpoint use case development.

What does the future have in store?
Further development of “unknown to known matching” on a customer basis and use of user IDs in a cookieless world.