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  • Training and coaching jobs

  • Training and coaching jobs

What our coaching team does

Our trainers and coaches are experts in their respective fields. They support the students with training and qualification programs to ensure their specialist knowledge and skills in the rapidly changing market: from knowledge to application.

Topics such as vehicle technologies, customer interactions, and qualifications are particularly emphasized in all job descriptions in retail worldwide. For this purpose, modern methods and technologies are used to develop customized solutions tailored to the needs of the students. Suitable for the challenges and technological developments of our time. Empowering people and getting companies ready for the future is our key to success.

Your qualifications as a trainer or coach


With our coaching and training expertise, we offer powerful support for further development and training, promote sustainable learning, and create awareness for new topics and methods.

It is important that you…

  • …have didactic and methodological skills – both online and in person.
  • …are able to address different learning and personality types emphatically, professionally, and communicatively. A coach is also an entertainer and motivator.
  • …enjoy working with people from different disciplines and nationalities and relish networking.
  • …are ready to travel. Both within Germany and worldwide.
  • …get excited about new technologies and digital systems.
  • …are passionate about new topics and can think outside the box if the project requires it.


As a trainer, you coach people in virtual training sessions using the blended learning method or on site. Your job duties include:

  • Research and learning about new (technological) topics and trends
  • Concept creation – individually adapted to the respective company, the needs and the level of knowledge
  • Development of content in a wide variety of formats, such as podcasts, videos, e-learning, learning events, etc.
  • Knowledge and application of different learning methods and training tools
  • Training implementation nationally and internationally in German and English
  • Guide, analyze, and empower people

Advancement through further training

Our trainers have the opportunity to advance themselves further in many different areas based upon their interests and abilities. We offer an extensive range of qualifications opportunities:

  • Trainer qualification
  • Concept developer qualification
  • Special training courses on digital presence, didactic design or screenwriting
  • Language qualification

Are you with us?

Are you interested in a training and coaching job with us? Then you should know what matters most to us.


For us, training and coaching means interacting with many different personalities. At Mercedes-Benz Consulting, we are all about appreciation and treating each other as equals – our own colleagues and the students.


A lasting “wow” effect – our goal is to be effective and grow as a team. Try out new ideas and formats, have a passion for creative trends, and put into practice innovative technologies.

Team insights