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  • Sustainability as a holistic principle

  • Sustainability as a holistic principle

Success means taking responsibility

“We. Drive. Change.” At Mercedes-Benz Consulting, we live for today and proactively shape the day after tomorrow. This also means that we meet our responsibility and operate sustainably. Since July 2021, we have been a member of WIN-Charta and have made a clear commitment to our economic, ecological, and social responsibility.

Sustainability has many facets because our behavior affects the environment and our surroundings. Sustainability is a path that must be followed in the long term. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz Group AG, we bet on the highest quality, innovation, and forward-looking sustainable training and consulting services. We have set ourselves a clear goal: positive, profitable, sustainable company growth in harmony with society and the environment.

Sustainability to drive the future

Sustainability, social responsibility, and economic success complement each other to form a positive whole. Our employees’ well-being is especially close to our heart. Qualification programs, company health management, a modern work environment, and flexible work models provide room for individuals to flourish professionally.

Ensuring long-term company success, working out innovative solutions, and creating and maintaining jobs in the region isn’t just good for our stakeholders and employees, but also for the company itself. We started with 15 employees and grew to employ more than 400 staff members from 17 nations – and our growth continues continuously and healthily.

Among our employees, we raise awareness of the three facets of sustainability: economic, environmental, and social.