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  • Knowledge is the foundation of outstanding performance

  • Knowledge is the foundation of outstanding performance

Competence for your success:
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We build on the solid knowledge and years of expertise of our experienced, creative colleagues. From the custom strategy to sustainable implementation, we assist our customers as advisors and trainers holistically and with a focus on people.

Technology & Innovation

Purposeful use of data and technology is critical to success. Early detection of trends can be crucial to competitiveness. As a dynamic trendsetter, we help you use the future’s technology meaningfully.

Sustainability inside the company

Sustainability is fundamental to competitiveness. Sustainability, corporate responsibility and economic success are not opposed to one another, but complement each other as a positive whole. We help you develop a sustainability strategy, implement it, and make it measurable.

Digital learning

Today’s working world offers a lot of opportunity, but a lot of challenges, too. Digital learning eases access to knew knowledge and can increase individual learning motivation. We have smart qualification strategies that can be custom adapted to your company’s needs.

Marketing & sales

What will sales look like in the future? How can you comprehensively inform customers online and offline, inspire them and attract their long-term loyalty? We design a needs-based omni-channel experience that effectively and sustainably addresses your customers along their entire customer journey in a targeted manner.

Change management

We always put people at the center. Beyond that, successful change management requires a clear strategy, transparency, mutual understanding and a will to change. We accompany you and your firm along this path while relying on hard facts, KPIs and analyses to determine and manage soft factors.


Successful after-sales forms permanent customer loyalty through a fast, modern, sustainable and all-around trouble-free customer journey. We think after-sales ahead of time, integrating digital trends and technologies on the way, and define innovative business models for it.

Retail & service

New market dynamics, ever-changing conditions and preferences – welcome to life in retail! How can you shape the future and tomorrow’s points of sale? We help you define the right fields of action, strategies and necessary investments to achieve long-term customer loyalty.

Business transformation

Companies are faced with countless challenges that all have to be dealt with at the same time: digitization, the skills gap, remote work, new job profiles, cultural change, and much more. We help you derive the necessary action for your future success story from your indicators and fields of activity. We make success visible.


Electromobility and electrification are important paving stones on the path to a sustainable mobility system. In addition to new technologies, it requires new mobility behavior. This calls for strategic foresight in identification, evaluation and implementation. We’re here to back you.

Customer management

A consistent focus on customers and advanced orchestration of the customer journey are now as crucial to competitiveness as legally compliant handling of customer data. We help you understand and advise your customers better, and counsel you comprehensively and individually with a focus on the future and on customers.