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  • Knowledge ma­nage­ment re-imagined

  • Knowledge ma­nage­ment re-imagined

Use innovative technology to bring user interaction to the next level

Increasing digitization is immensely influencing the working work and its processes. Immediate availability of data and information can be crucial to staying competitive. How can digitization be used to make knowledge available quickly and easily and raise customer interactions to the next level?

“Marie” to the rescue! Marie is an avatar or virtual assistant that can be programmed to the specific needs and demands of our customers. Marie can be used to realize human-like interactions and conversations in the user interface – inside the company as an interactive database or with end customers.

What we get moving for you

We can personalize Marie and adapt the avatar to your requirements. A convincing digital person who can engage in trustworthy, emotional interactions with users – the future is here today.

We comprehensively advise you on the necessary information sources, data, and infrastructure. Plus, we support you with implementation. The avatar is continuously adapted to the changing wants and needs of customers to keep pace with future developments.

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Our success story

We have implemented this exciting project.