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  • Career in Business Support

  • Career in Business Support

The team behind the team

Outstanding management consulting requires a strong team that supports the individual departments. Our employees are specialists in employee qualification, communication and design, process, knowledge, and supplier management, finance, and much more. Their expertise is at the heart of successful consulting and training services and make outstanding work even better.

Apply for a Business Support position in the following departments:

Business Development, Marketing & Communication, Finance & Controlling, Purchasing, Human Resources, IT, Fleet & Facility Management.

Diversity wins with a strong TEAM

What sets us apart

There are many areas of activity that Business Support is involved in, and each task requires special skills. What is important to us is that we work TOGETHER and do so passionately. Working across areas of expertise, optimizing processes, empowering people and resources, strengthening the Mercedes-Benz Consulting brand internally and externally, and finding answers together from different perspectives – that’s what sets us apart!

It is important that you…

  • …have good people skills. Whether in the company or outside – we are enablers of successful developments.
  • …have organizational skills. Our corporate success depends on the creativity and smarts we bring to challenging situations.
  • …are a good communicator and enjoy talking. Business Support is the powerful combination of consulting, training, and management.
  • …have an affinity for innovation. Whether technologies, concepts, or working methods – if you want to be among the best, you have to be curious and eager to learn.
  • …are a strong team player. It takes a team to achieve something extraordinary, and that is what we do.

Take advantage of your opportunities

Career opportunities with us

It is important to us that all Support areas work closely together. This is why you always have an opportunity to continue to grow in your respective area of expertise and to think outside the box: “See it, do it, learn it.” We want you to be able to develop your talents individually and based on your interests. Because we believe that added value comes from personal enthusiasm and motivation: for you, for us, for our customers.

Advancement through further training

We offer further training courses tailored to individual needs and requirements. We are pleased if you have special areas of interest in which you want to specialize further. A broad range of internal and external courses is available to you.

Are you with us?

When you work for us, you should know what we value.


What is most important to us is to create an outstanding foundation for successful training and consulting. That’s why we solve challenges together in Business Support and support each other along the entire value chain.

YOU becomes WE

Team spirit, co-operation, fun at work, commitment, reliability – that is the sum of all individual contributions. Many exciting talents, perspectives, and ideas come together in a team. You could be one of them.

Team insights