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  • Consulting jobs

What our team of consultants does

Every company needs the support of people with technical expertise and a fresh outsider perspective, who are able to identify new opportunities and are ready to embrace new objectives. That’s what our consultants do. We offer interesting and exciting jobs in consulting.

Your qualifications as a consultant


Corporate consulting is about identifying the challenges of our customers, developing solution strategies together, and guiding the process through to its realization.

You know how to…

  • …listen. The most important input comes from the customer. And through the exchange of experiences with colleagues.
  • …think analytically. What exactly is the problem? What are the reasons and how can we fix it?
  • …identify potential. Professionally, expertly, and as a human being.
  • …enjoy working on various topics.
  • …inspire others.
  • …get excited about new topics and challenges.


As a consultant, you need to be able to quickly get up to speed on a wide range of topics and be able to see the big picture. You will be working closely with our customers, from analysis to concept development through to implementation. Consulting means asking the right questions and developing relevant future-oriented, sustainable solutions – tailored to the customer.

Take advantage of your opportunities

Career opportunities with us

We are looking for people who can change the future. Pursue a career in the consulting sector and grow with us. Our consulting jobs are interesting and diverse. We offer a wide range of development opportunities, from Junior Consultant to Consultant, Senior Consultant and Management Consultant.

Advancement through further training

Lifelong learning creates new opportunities and unleashes hidden potential. Unlock your talents with our individual development and qualification programs, certification courses, through diverse experiences and an exciting work environment.

We are all about team spirit and regularly exchange information amongst each other and across departments.

We particularly focus on:

  • Strategy
  • Business
  • Technology
  •  Implementation

Are you with us?

When you work for us, you should know what we value.

The team

All of us bring different talents and expertise to the table. Together we can find unique solutions. That is why we always work as equals and respectfully.

Broad expertise

The range of companies and the range of tasks are diverse. That is why we require broad know-how, flexibility, and an open mind. There’s never a dull moment with us.

Team insights