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  • Sell successfully with an individual approach.

  • Sell successfully with an individual approach.

How customers communicate

Seek, and ye shall find: What marketing strategies can be derived from the digital transformation? How can customer communication be constructively configured? In August 2017, the Mercedes-Benz Consulting team launched a project on this in collaboration with Region Europe. The goal: to evaluate existing strategies and develop a comprehensive strategy for marketing with personalized customer communication. Search engine marketing was one of the first topics dealt with. Implementation quickly succeeded: Since November 2017, a uniform search strategy has been running with the long-term goal of getting all markets on board.

To approach search engine marketing with a goal in mind, first a campaign for the 4MATIC all-wheel drive was developed and implemented for selected European markets. Besides positioning the 4MATIC all-wheel drive in the market, the purpose was to generate leads. In addition to an impressive performance, the campaign set benchmarks for segmented customer approaches and KPI measurement. Blueprints were developed for the rollout, which are now being brought out in cooperation with Google and media agencies. The collaboration with Google even allows use of exclusive betas within the project.

Three questions for
Project Manager Volker,

What was challenging about Search Europe?
The core of the project — developing the right individual customer approach for all relevant search queries in Google.

What is the takeaway for you personally?
The highly motivated contact people for professionalization of digital marketing within the markets left an impression

What’s coming in the future?
In addition to the further rollout, the next step includes coordination of the retail operations in European markets.