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  • Digital conference – with style

  • Digital conference – with style

Hey Architect! conference and further development of a community

Mercedes-Benz Consulting helped with the concept, organization, and realization of a three-day digital conference with 2,000 participants. Community & Communication Management was also provided as part of the project.
Our customer commissioned the event and communication expertise from MC under the motto: “How can we shine a bigger light on the community and topics in our company?”.
The Center of Excellence Smart Learning team accompanied the event project throughout all phases. The digital conference was made possible by MC Studios. Our offices were transformed into the large event studio for the conference. From there, our moderator Marija Kopic and the speakers on site were switched live. The sound from digitally connected speakers was also streamed.

The conference took place for the second time in 2022, and it was once again a success, as we were able to increase the number of participants by 1,000 people compared to the previous year. Many viewers gave us excellent feedback on the conference as well as the content. Our customer was particularly put at ease knowing that we had already gained expertise from carrying out the event in the year before. Using the same director and moderator as well as much better third-party technicians and our MC Studios, the digital conference became an unforgettable event.

Three questions for
Sara, Mercedes-Benz
Business Management

What was challenging for you during the project?
The customer’s tight budget, which simply wasn’t enough considering the effort it took for such a large digital event.

What is the take-away for you personally?
Event organization must be learned. Without an extremely hands-on mentality, you cannot make such a great event run smoothly.

What does the future have in store?
We can look forward to the next conference in 2023: In order to take the conference to the next level, we are moving to an external studio with green screen etc.