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  • The online store is enjoying a growth in customer interest.

  • The online store is enjoying a growth in customer interest.

Charging ahead online

Successful from the get-go: The Mercedes-Benz online store for new vehicles went live in May 2016. Mercedes-Benz Consulting has been helping with the project in Berlin since the pilot phase in May 2013 and is still with it: This year, the conceptual consulting will continue in the assignment »Continued Development and Marketing of the New Vehicle Online Store«. Continuous development of processes and linked systems, and consideration of current issues and trends will ensure continuous progress of the new vehicle online store.

Toward success across departments
Development of the online store means close intermeshing of various fields of business, optimal addition of expertise, and points of professional emphasis. This cross-departmental collaboration provides the project with the holistic approach to consulting that it needs.

The consulting portfolio is broad: Analysis and optimization of the customer journey, consultation on strategic direction, integration and development of new functions and technologies, support for shop management, and design and implementation of end-to-end system testing activities, ensure that customer needs are optimally addressed and focused on.

Three questions for
Project Manager Konstantin,

What was challenging about the new vehicle online store?
Create and combine attractive customer experiences and efficient business processes.

What is the take-away for you personally?
How a dynamic team uses our contribution to implement great digital features.

What does the future have in store?
The online store is constantly being developed and is growing into a central sales channel for the brand.