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  • Electric vehicles and high-voltage systems – What now?

  • Electric vehicles and high-voltage systems – What now?

High-Voltage Experts training design and implementation

To meet the high demands of repairing high-voltage (HV) vehicles, we were contracted to design a training series for high-voltage experts in retail, preparing all participants for the challenges of repairing electric vehicles.

The training series consists of an entrance test, a five-day F2F module, optional exam preparation, and an exam. Depending on the results of the entrance test, another several-day digital module on fundamentals takes place.

Participants deepened their knowledge of electrotechnical basics and on various standards, guidelines and laws.

Here, based on the client’s specifications, MC has developed and piloted the training concept. Right now, the program is rolling out on the German market and MC is handling the training.

The main challenge is that, the facilitators carrying out the training need to be trained according to the specifications of electrical experts.

Three questions for
Stefan, Mercedes-Benz
Consulting, Customer Service

What about the project was challenging for you?
Covering all the requirements in five days of training. Considering all legal specifications and standards. Educating our own trainers to implement the training series.

What is the takeaway for you personally?
A very complex, comprehensive topic.

What does the future have in store?
We’ve got extremely high demand for the training series. The high-voltage expert program is obligatory for every EQ facility.