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  • Digital customer journey for new car purchases

  • Digital customer journey for new car purchases

Conception and strategic further development of the digital vehicle

In the context of the digital transformation of sales at Mercedes-Benz, the intensely competitive situation and increased customer needs in e-commerce, approaches for a seamless and high-end sales experience are being pursued as part of the Mercedes-Benz Omnichannel Commerce Initiative (MBOC). With this initiative, digital vehicle sales are also increasingly becoming the strategic focus of Mercedes-Benz AG. In this context, a strategic objective for the further development of the digital customer journey for the purchase of a new car had to be developed.

With our expertise in the areas of technology & innovation, marketing & sales, as well as business transformation, we have been asked to advise the Mercedes-Benz Digital Vehicle Sales Strategy & Services (MxD/IS) department with regard to a coordinated vision of the future of the customer journey, on the basis of which the further development of the current solution could take place.

Our consulting services essentially consisted of interdisciplinary project management and the conception of digital vehicle sales. In addition, an overarching digital vehicle sales vision had to be identified, including customer insights.

Basically, this took place within the framework of interdisciplinary objective identification workshops and topic-specific management committees. As a result, a clear objective for the future customer journey could be developed.

 Customer testimonial:

“By working with Mercedes-Benz Consulting GmbH, we took an important step towards making our customer journey as simple as possible and turning it into a high-end purchasing experience. A decisive success factor here was the interdisciplinary cooperation of the teams. Mercedes-Benz Consulting GmbH is a strong partner who supports us on various topics related to the digital transformation of vehicle sales.” Lea Schoenfeld, MxD/IS

Three questions for
Nancy, Mercedes-Benz
Consulting, Customer Management

What was challenging for you during the project?
One of the challenges was to identify and consider all dependencies in the design of the customer journey and to involve all stakeholders in order to ultimately create a seamless, ideal customer experience.

What is the take-away for you personally?
What I have learned is that efficient project organization and the evaluation of risks and their probability of occurrence are paramount, especially in complex projects.

What does the future have in store?
It remains to be seen whether the strategic target of 25 % online sales by 2025 can be achieved, among other things, through a significant further development of the customer journey. Current studies show, however, that Mercedes-Benz performs very well when selling vehicles online and therefore is positioned better than anyone else for the digital future.