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  • Sustainability Consulting for Future-Oriented Transformation

  • Sustainability Consulting for Future-Oriented Transformation

ESG Readiness-Check

Sustainable business practices represent both a significant challenge and an opportunity for the industry. On the one hand, they offer the potential for growth and the establishment of long-term competitive advantages. On the other hand, they address the growing demands of stakeholders and regulatory requirements.

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES GmbH is confronted with various opportunities and areas of action in the field of sustainability. As a globally operating family-owned company with over four decades of experience in developing high-performance compressed air treatment technology and a workforce of over 600 employees across six manufacturing facilities and 15 sales locations on different continents, the company faces new sustainability challenges. Legislative requirements and the increasing importance of sustainability necessitate an initial assessment of the current situation in the form of a comprehensive “ESG Readiness Check.”

Project launch – “ESG Readiness Check”

Our consulting focused on conducting a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of sustainability within the company (Environmental, Social, Governance), in line with ESG criteria. This analysis addressed the evaluation of the company’s environmental performance in terms of resource consumption, energy efficiency, emissions, waste management, and ecological sustainability (Environmental). It also examined the social impact of the company on employees, communities, and other stakeholders (Social), as well as the aspects of sustainable corporate governance, organizational structure, transparency, compliance with standards and regulations (Governance).

Our Objective

Our goal was to accompany BEKO TECHNOLOGIES GmbH on its journey towards a future-oriented and sustainable transformation. During an on-site workshop, various key areas were identified to form a solid foundation for a successful sustainability strategy:

  • Development of a sustainability strategy: Together with representatives from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES, we formulated recommendations for a tailored sustainability strategy that would meet the company’s needs and satisfy its stakeholders.
  • Prioritization of measures for effective sustainability management: We identified the most critical areas for action and established clear priorities to ensure efficient implementation of sustainability goals.
  • Organizational integration and positioning of sustainability: We assisted BEKO TECHNOLOGIES in appropriately embedding sustainability within the company’s organization and utilizing existing structures to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Fostering a sustainability culture among all employees: A sustainable corporate culture can only be successful if embraced by all employees at all levels. We developed recommendations to engage and motivate employees in the sustainability process.
  • Communication with top management and leaders: The support of the management and leaders is crucial for the success of a sustainability strategy. We provided clear recommendations for communicating and integrating sustainability goals at all levels of the organization.

Our Result

The outcome of our consulting was a customized and implementation-focused sustainability strategy that prepares BEKO TECHNOLOGIES GmbH for the growing sustainability demands of its customers and society. Dr. Arndt Böker, Manager Organization & Digitization Management at BEKO TECHNOLOGIES, expressed his enthusiasm for our professional and goal-oriented consulting approach, highlighting our balanced approach: “The consultation by Mercedes-Benz Consulting was highly professional, goal-oriented, and congenial. We especially appreciate their balanced approach, which gives us confidence in the planned introduction of our sustainability management.”

Three questions for

What about the project was challenging for you?
The challenge was to analyze the current situation precisely and derive well-founded recommendations for the implementation of sustainability management based on this analysis.

What is the takeaway for you personally?
It reinforced my confidence in my extensive expertise in sustainability. We were able to provide the client with tailored solutions through tried-and-tested methods such as workshops and compelling presentations.

What does the future have in store?
We see that our consulting product has proven its worth and are confident that we can continue to successfully support many clients in the future. This confirms our position as a trusted partner.