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  • eCommerce solution: flexibility in spite of standardization

  • eCommerce solution: flexibility in spite of standardization

Functional objective as the foundation of a successful and future-oriented solution

In the course of expanding the digital sales activities, the initiatives, processes, and systems involved are gradually consolidated in the Mercedes-Benz Omni-Channel Commerce (MBOC) platform. A strategic pillar within MBOC is the Around-the-Car (ATC) NextGen program with the aim of offering all ATC products through three different eCommerce store solutions in the future.

Furthermore, SAFe was introduced in the digital house as an operative working model with which the strategic goals are realized. Within the ATC Agile Release Trains (ARTS), all technical concepts and requirements needed for the implementation are derived from the strategic goals and EPICS and implemented in the individual development teams. The ATC eCommerce Business Solution forms the technical framework for comprehensive ATC program management. Our main task in work package II was to develop the functional objective and to define the demand management process, including the prioritization logic.

Mercedes-Benz Consulting supported the implementation of the planned requirements-engineering activities. The main focus was on defining and creating suitable formats and templates for the documentation of business requirements and business concepts within the ATC NextGen Business Solution. The resulting functional objective serves as the foundation for the implementation of the ATC Physical Products Store and forms the basis for the continuous further development of the ATC Physical Products Store. Furthermore, the documentation of business concepts in cooperation with the Digital House and all other relevant stakeholders (e.g. PM, PO, ITC, UI/UX, Data Supply, Legal, etc.) was part of the tasks. In the last quarter, the role emphasized coordinating and aligning with POs and development teams for capability definition, feature implementation, and the rollout to the lead market in Australia for Q2 2023.

“Mercedes-Benz Consulting has actively assisted and supported us with the planning and implementation of the project. What I appreciate the most about the collaboration is the expertise, efficiency, and structured way of working. Thank you!”

Dagmar Winkler, Business Owner Physical Products, Mercedes-Benz AG, MxD/OS

Three questions for
Armin, Mercedes-Benz
Digital Performance

What was challenging for you during the project?
The dependencies and the related coordination effort between the individual work streams and work packages was very challenging. Adaptability and agility are important here in order to leave room for change and keep your eye on the ball.

What is the take-away for you personally?
We have made a decisive and trend-setting contribution to the new eCommerce Business Solution as well as to the Physical Product Stores and are proud of the progress of the project. A real milestone for Mercedes Benz ATC.

What does the future have in store?
With the rollout in other markets and the additional services at Future of Commerce (omni-channel commerce platform), the entire ATC range of products will be offered online. The new solution offers the seamlessly integrated high-end online sales experience under the global Mercedes-Benz brand and helps to save sales costs through global standardization.