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  • Breaking new ground with E-Update videos

  • Breaking new ground with E-Update videos

E-mobility topics in new format

The deeply rooted “EV only” strategy at Mercedes-Benz created a dynamic e-mobility environment with many new topics and challenges, especially for the staff who work directly with customers. So we took it upon ourselves to design a format that condenses important e-mobility topics and prioritizes them. The aim of the E-Update videos is to give German retailers and particularly sellers another access point to relevant news on electromobility.

The idea for a video format with short sequences of content was conceived quickly, now the challenge was to actually make the videos.

So we approached MC Studios, who were in the process of setting up, in order to pitch our idea and try to collaborate on the project. This is how the first MC Studio production paid for by customers came about. We started producing the “E-update” videos in no time, with a new episode being published every two months in the retail portal and available to the entire German dealer network. After a project period of almost 2 years and consistently positive feedback from the customer and the target group, it can be said that the technical expertise and innovative orientation of MC has made a small but important contribution to the requisite EV-only mindset within the group.

Three questions for
Nicolas, Mercedes-Benz
Future Mobility

What was challenging for you during the project?
A new format, i.e., the production of an e-mobility video format, which was a first for our business unit and MC in general at that time and in that format.

What is the take-away for you personally?
To just go for it, even when you have no idea at the outset of a project what the outcome will be or whether you can handle the new job. It’s nice to see that we as MC are always open to new and state-of-the-art consulting approaches.

What does the future have in store?
Currently, e are after two specific goals: 1. Expansion of the format to include new topics and thus new target groups and customers 2. Internationalization