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  • Creating efficiency with BI systems

  • Creating efficiency with BI systems

Our dashboard solution for future data analysis

The customer satisfaction and popularity of Mercedes were examined through a customer feedback dashboard, KPIs, and metrics. Our client wanted to present their key figures in a uniform dashboard that was easily accessible to their users.

The client’s primary question was: How can I present my data in a way that is easy to understand? What insights can we generate? What actions can I derive from this? What added value for the business do we derive from this?

We set up a user-friendly dashboard with Microsoft PowerBI, combined the data sources, and created a data model that addresses the goals of our client.

We subsequently processed and visualized the data. And finally, we provided technical training for our client. Now, he is in a position to update the data and the dashboard himself.

We are currently working on optimization options to improve the visualization performance, data readability, as well as the speed and performance of the dashboard.

Three questions for
Julia, Mercedes-Benz
Digital Performance

What was the challenging for you during the project?
The challenge was to combine several data sources and prepare them for PowerBI. For our job it was also important to understand the calculations and ultimately to standardize the individual KPIs.

What was the takeaway for you personally?
With the right technology and the right system, data that previously had to be analyzed analogously and with a great deal of effort can now be evaluated more efficiently and quickly. This is how we create real added value.

What does the future have in store?
We continue to expand the dashboard, add new data sources, optimize existing ones and generate more and more insights that can be applied to tangible and actionable actions for the company.