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  • Our chatbot buddy makes sure customers are satisfied.

  • Our chatbot buddy makes sure customers are satisfied.

The future of work starts now

Off to the store of the future: Whether it’s material goods at eBay, virtual content on YouTube or standard services on Airbnb, for more and more companies, a digital platform is the core of their business. Traditional business models, where the goods make their way through sales channels and supply chains to the consumer, are increasingly being superseded by digital platforms. Using such platforms allows the consumer to collaborate, exchange ideas and get involved. This presents providers with quite a few challenges: How can I interact with customers round the clock? How can I increase customer loyalty? How can I automate monotonous, time-consuming processes? How can artificial intelligence simplify my daily work?

Customer management day and night
Interacting with target groups with consistent quality regardless of the time — to meet this challenge, the MC team develops innovative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions: Chatbots are our new coworkers, who answer simple questions day and night, allowing a high level of engagement and taking a load off employees. This increases employees’ time for more complex activities.

Whether it’s developing complete chatbot projects from storyboard to rollout or improving and customizing existing bots, the MC team has demonstrated their capability in artificial intelligence. At the very start of a project, they work with the customer to analyze which customer questions the bot should cover. In storyboard workshops, they develop dialog structures together. The chatbot allows our customers to increase availability of services, offer a better customer experience and significantly lower costs at the same time.

Three questions for
Project Manager Nico,

What was challenging about the chatbot projects?
It’s always exciting to model and structure dialogs that allow a successful conversation with the chatbot.

What is the take-away for you personally?
In the field of artificial intelligence, there are endless numbers of use cases and topics that will significantly influence tomorrow’s customer service.

What does the future have in store?
In the future, chatbots won’t just communicate better and more cleverly. The field of artificial intelligence will continue to expand, so that, with time, people will learn to interact with machines.