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  • Creating a successful transformation

  • Creating a successful transformation

Organizational development & change management

As part of a pending transformation of a board in our customer’s company, we were commissioned to support and ensure the changeover to an efficient, agile, and more venturesome organization. To achieve this, the division’s management, teams, and employees took part in various digital and analog formats in order to dispense with familiar processes and mindsets and learn and identify new ones. The transformation was accompanied by workshop formats designed and moderated by us as part of the change management process.

Together with the department that requested us for the project, we provided conceptual, organizational, and implementation support for the event formats. To round off all the events with our input, we held several change workshops. In these workshops, we developed a change method that can be used to accompany the transformation. Depending on the event, various workshop formats were planned and the content developed. However, we were not only responsible for the implementation of the event and workshops: The moderation of the event and the workshops were also accompanied by our MC team.

Three questions for
Christian, Mercedes-Benz
Business Management Consulting

What was challenging for you during the project?
That the customer who commissioned us wasn’t the Board of Management itself. The wishes, concepts, but also expectations varied between the various areas.

What is the take-away for you personally?
Event support and workshop moderation with a target audience comprising top management is not an easy feat. Supporting the many exciting top management topics was both amazing and demanding.

What does the future have in store?
We are currently no longer supporting the project after the contract expired at the end of last year. However, we are still happy to keep in touch with our customers and get minor updates.