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  • We shape the future. The Retail brand identity.

  • We shape the future.

Into the future with a strategy

Ready for anything: The digital transformation demands completely new directions from the dealerships. Tomorrow’s buyers will be well informed, want the latest mobile networking technology, and demand custom mobility solutions. Our customers have long since adjusted to sales and marketing. And Mercedes-Benz Consulting ensures that the forward-looking retail brand presentation arrives worldwide in the here and now — complete and across sectors.

Changing the (automotive) retail sector together
Our customers’ sales organizations need to be adjusted precisely to the changing desires of customers. For retail, this means facing new realities and adjusting strategies accordingly. Here the Mercedes-Benz Consulting team provides complete consulting and assistance — from management kickoff to process analyses and interviews to action workshops and go-live coaching. Whether in concept development or the piloting phase, market-specific concept adjustments or implementation in sales and after-sales at international pilots and 90 German dealers — the MC team helps countless Mercedes-Benz employees meet the future in their work.

Three questions for
Project Manager Matthias,

What was challenging about Retail brand identity 2020?
The challenge is the exciting part – we do consulting in Germany, Europe and overseas across all lines of business. It takes a lot of coordination at all sales levels. The project also requires a lot of synchronization with ongoing initiatives.

What is the take-away for you personally?
The challenge changes daily, with various dealers, markets, regions and cultural groups. Also exciting is the close collaboration with various contacts from central sales and customer service departments, along with the architects involved.

What does the future have in store?
The first operation opened in January 2018 in Flensburg. Meanwhile, more than 100 companies in Germany are implementing Retail brand identity 2020. In the regions Europe and Overseas, implementation is significantly increasing. The aim is to convert a large part of the dealerships to the new retail brand image by 2025 at the latest and to have them equipped with new, even more customer-friendly processes. We’re looking forward to it!