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  • Salesforce – the CRM powerhouse

  • Salesforce – the CRM powerhouse

Global CRM rollout

As a preferred and long-standing partner of our customers, Mercedes-Benz Consulting supports all aspects of the Salesforce rollout. From identifying business requirements to developing solution designs, requirement engineering, testing, rollout management, and training.

We advise our customers end-to-end and thus ensure that all aspects of the rollout work together smoothly and that the project is successful. The goal is to take the customer experience of the end customer to a new level with the state-of-the-art solution from Salesforce!

Three questions for
Görkem, Mercedes-Benz
Customer Relationship Management

What was challenging for you during the project?
The extreme complexity of the project. Managing the number of stakeholders, requirements, and legacy systems while keeping your eye on the ball.

What is the take-away for you personally?
Stay focused!

What does the future have in store?
Going live in many more markets and the further development of the system with all the challenges and successes that go along with it!