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  • From the neighbor’s garage to the showroom

  • From the neighbor’s garage to the showroom

The new Mercedes-Benz Wallbox

Thanks to the cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Global Training, we from the Smart Learning team were able to answer questions such as: What are the highlights of the new Mercedes-Benz Wallbox? Thanks to which technical functions does the new Wallbox stand out compared to the previous models? What selling points can be used to convince customers in a sales pitch?

The answer: the development of an innovative and interactive eLearning for global retail using 360° cameras, 2D-3D animations, and interactive videos.

The basic storytelling idea was developed in a methodical kick-off as part of the Smart Learning team’s “creativity board.” With the input of our experts, the further training concept was developed in a flexible, cross-team project and new, technical elements were integrated for the realization. The result: 15-minute, interactive e-learning with photo-realistic film sequences in the real environment of the target group with a cinema-like look, integrated into a modern storytelling approach for global retail.

A teaser video showing the highlights of the new Mercedes-Benz Wallbox was also produced for the Mercedes-Benz showrooms.

Three questions for
Suat, Mercedes-Benz
Smart Learning

What was challenging for you during the project?
To start and finish the project despite of the fact that the Wallbox and exhibits were not 100% available. The time pressure throughout the project was extremely high, which also made the general conditions for filming challenging.

What was the takeaway for you personally?
The hands-on mentality during the project and the very pragmatic and cooperative way of working with the colleagues at MC Studios. Using their own network to get the project done professionally in the shortest possible time. The best part was that both products came from a single source at Mercedes-Benz Consulting GmbH. From the didactic concept to the film shoot at the dealership and in the neighboring garage with actors from MC all the way to the 360° photo shoot and graphic design, as well as the entire post-production and implementation. I’m proud of that.

What does the future have in store?
It was a finished product that won’t be changed any further. However, the technology will be further developed from a 360° image to a 360° video. This means that the variety of products can be explained faster and more dynamically, because the content is automatically converted into target-oriented content.