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  • Optimize goal-oriented processes in after-sales retail

    Gabriel on the project “After-Sales Retail Latin America”

  • Optimize goal-oriented processes in after-sales retail

    Gabriel on the project “After-Sales Retail Latin America”

After-sales retail: Optimize goal-oriented processes

We have already introduced the project After Sales Retail (ASR) in more than 26 countries on 4 continents. This year, consulting started in the Fuso Workshop at the Roosevelt – Guatemala City site as a pilot project in the region.

One goal of the consulting is to ensure the dealers’ long-term business success. Another is to support and maintain process efficiency and customer satisfaction for the individual dealers. Optimizing work organization and workshop processes in retail increases process quality, which then brings efficiency gains.

A flexible approach to consulting — even for trucks

Another goal of the consulting is to increase the workshop’s productivity, so that service can drive profits in parts sales and optimize service processes. We offer a qualified, flexible consulting concept that is adapted to local conditions and the needs of our customers. During our assignment in Latin America, we especially focused on the overall after-sales process in trucks.

On-site consulting begins with an analysis of the status quo. Using this, we can identify optimization potential for processes, organization, customer service and business. This provides the basis for starting the improvement and change process in the workshop according to the defined, customer-specific action plan

Three questions for …

… Project Manager Gabriel, Mercedes-Benz Consulting

What about the project was challenging for you?

Every consulting project is a new experience. It’s not just about the processes, but mainly about people in a new organization. For a short period we not only analyze the status quo, but we derive customer-specific action from that. The goal is to involve the employees and invite them to come along with the change process.

What is the takeaway for you personally?

Process optimization is important, and when all is said and done, it makes each individual’s work easier. It makes for satisfied employees, which then makes for satisfied customers. After-sales retail consulting in Latin America also clearly shows the influence employee motivation can have on the course of a project.

What’s coming in the future?

Current trends in the automotive industry are making the after-sales business more and more complex. These challenges call for continuous adaptation of workshop processes, structures and services, along with professionalization of the workshops and development of new skills.

»Statements, objectivity, support, behavior as a whole.«

In the words of our customer Allan Rezende, Customer Services Representative Latin America:

»The Fuso team in Guatemala was full of praise for the goals achieved by Mercedes-Benz Consulting in the consulting phase. I had the opportunity personally to inspect the improvements implemented, the positive results in workshop revenue, and the synergy of the team.

Our heartfelt thanks go to Mercedes-Benz Consulting for the positive consulting results and their excellent collaboration!«