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  • Event 2.0: Digitizing events with Wallet

  • Event 2.0: Digitizing events with Wallet

November 2021

Digitization – Where does it start, and where does it end?

Often the term is equated with “online”, but it’s much more: meaningful conversion of analog information and communication into digital formats.
Events, naturally, are strongly driven by human contact and personal communication. Digital formats should therefore support the event – not dominate it or, heaven forbid, replace it. However, there are certainly use cases for before, during and after the event.
For example, digital pathways can bridge the limits of time and geography, or even eliminate them: Participants all over the world can log in anytime to gain information, get involved or network. According to a study by Xing, 81% of event participants would like to have such digital offerings.

Event Journey – the participant experience optimized with Wallet

Our approach – the Wallet Event Pass – is therefore always focused on the participants’ Event Journey. The technology is based on the Wallet app, a sort of digital billfold that is already preinstalled on iPhones. Even most Android users already know the application from a different context – such as for storing flight tickets. Event passes can be stored there just as easily, such as through a scannable code or an invitation link. This sample journey shows six power features of the Wallet solution:

At the same time, of course, we want to reduce the burden on the organizers. Three-quarters of the organizers surveyed in the Xing study are already experiencing significant optimization from using technology. This also jibes with our experience:

Wallet @ Mercedes-Benz Consulting

  • Wallet@DGCSC: At the 13th Daimler Global Cyber Security Convention, each of the approximately 500 participants received an individually created Wallet pass with an agenda, a floor plan and regular push notifications. Seventy-three percent of the participants actively used the pass on their smartphone. For the organizers, the solution was simple, scalable and, most important, quick to implement – it took only a week.
  • Wallet is completely flexible: The Wallet Pass has already been used at many trade shows, such as for Mercedes-Benz Vans at IAA and Daimler Trucks at Bauma or at CES Las Vegas. So we’re very happy that Messe Stuttgart has also tried our Wallet event pass and been won over by the digital assistant’s versatile uses.
  • Wallet@MC: Naturally, we also use Wallet when designing internal doings, such as for our annual kickoff event.

Wallet passes can be personalized, automated, edited at any time, and don’t need their own app. In our white paper (PDF), you can find all the advantages for the organizer and the code to a demo pass. Discover the advantages of the digital medium.

We offer customized solutions to your planned uses and their challenges. From a simple info pass to complete event management with personalized address or customer card – anything is possible.