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  • Nachhaltigkeit steigert Arbeitgeberattraktivität

  • Nachhaltigkeit steigert Arbeitgeberattraktivität

March 2022

At first, it was only a theory. After 186 responses and countless remarks from expert interviews, it’s now certain: Sustainability boosts employer branding and desirability!

Sustainability is seen as a crucial topic for recruiting skilled people. Therefore, the majority of HR experts surveyed promote the topic of sustainability in all its aspects as a corporate strategy.

What were the most important statements?

  • the topic of sustainability is of increasing importance
  • the topic of sustainability is (very) important in HR
  • the topic of sustainability plays an especially decisive role in employee qualification For example, 41 percent of all HR professionals surveyed plan qualification measures for managers and employees or have already implemented them.

In our downloadable white paper (only in German), we have assembled the major findings from expert interviews and from an online survey we conducted in 2021. To those, we have added further scientific and practical assessments.

As a middle-sized consultancy, we also learn something new about sustainability every day.

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