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  • Cooperation with the Hochschule der Medien: The project finale!

  • Cooperation with the Hochschule der Medien: The project finale!

July 2022

What if there were a platform that not only gave information on sustainability, but also allowed people to actively (inter)act sustainably? This goal is the basis for the project “Good Impact Platform – Doing good for good” that is part of our collaboration with the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart (HdM).

Supported by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Krešimir Vidačković and lecturer Bijan Kamalifar (HdM) along with Andreas Schwarz and Stefanie Niebiosa (Mercedes-Benz Consulting), 18 students developed prototypes for a #GoodImpactPlatform. And the results are outstanding!

The goal: To feel and participate in sustainability. The #GoodImpactPlatform offers recommendations for a more sustainable life and work style, sustainability challenges, information, and much more.

We at Mercedes-Benz Consulting have been collaborating with HdM for about six years. The objective is to have students examine and work on new, innovative issues.

In interdisciplinary teams from the Online Media Management, Business Information Systems, Digital Media and Information Design programs, a variety of challenges have already been tackled on topics such as VR, AR, AI and robotics, as well as consulting on demand. Every time, we’re impressed and inspired anew at how the topics are clarified and implemented!

THANK YOU to all participants!
We look forward to more exciting projects.