Nachhaltigkeit als Erfolgsfaktor

Sustainability for the future

7. October 2021/by Meike Mayer
WIN-Charta BW

Focus Sustainability: We’re an official partner of WIN-Charta Baden-Württemberg

29. September 2021/by Meike Mayer

MC Team at STADTRADELN 2021!

18. August 2021/by Meike Mayer

Connected by digital discussion formats

8. June 2021/by Meike Mayer
Mercedes me Care

Mercedes me Care App – Live your Mercedes life

31. May 2021/by Meike Mayer
DKMS Gemeinsam gegen Blutkrebs

Together against blood cancer

21. May 2021/by Meike Mayer
Digital Learning - Lernen im Wandel der Zeit

SPOTLIGHT – What is process mining?

16. March 2021/by Meike Mayer
Wallet – Next Level Information

NFC Wallet – next-level information

24. February 2021/by Meike Mayer
Digital Learning - Lernen im Wandel der Zeit

SPOTLIGHT – Digital learning, learning in changing times.

9. December 2020/by Meike Mayer
Wir sind Partner der Landeslotsenstelle Transformationswissen BW!

We are a partner of the Landeslotsenstelle Transformationswissen BW!

19. October 2020/by Meike Mayer
Sustainability@Retail mit Green Sales

Sustainability@Retail? Green Sales!

22. July 2020/by Meike Mayer

The first Process Mining Exchange Week at Mercedes-Benz Consulting

10. July 2020/by Meike Mayer
Wallet-Ticketing auf der Consumer Electronics Show

Experience the future up close – Wallet Ticketing for the Consumer Electronics in Las Vegas

8. July 2020/by Meike Mayer

Sustainability in consulting

17. June 2020/by Meike Mayer
Zweiter Platz bei Top Employer Mittelstand

2nd place as mid-tier Top Employer!

7. February 2020/by Meike Mayer

The Wallet Pass at CMT – flexible, sustainable, straightforward!

21. January 2020/by Meike Mayer

Kick-off for 2020

10. January 2020/by Meike Mayer
Digital Connect Day bei Mercedes-Benz Consulting

Digital Connect Day at Mercedes-Benz Consulting

10. December 2019/by Meike Mayer
Auszeichnung bei Best of Consulting 2019

Awarded twice at
Best of Consulting!

5. December 2019/by Meike Mayer

Focus: General Data Protection Regulation

22. October 2019/by Meike Mayer

Preventing corporate silos – with pizza and SEA

11. October 2019/by Meike Mayer

Focus: RPA – The next revolution in process automation

2. October 2019/by Meike Mayer

Do you know Mainframe? Mainframe communication strategy

26. September 2019/by Meike Mayer
Fuso Wholesale Consulting in El Salvador

Fuso Wholesale Consulting in El Salvador

26. September 2019/by Meike Mayer

MC at the 13th Stuttgart LebenSlauf

19. September 2019/by Meike Mayer

Social Intranet Night Volume 2

17. September 2019/by Meike Mayer

Technical training for an electrifying launch

16. September 2019/by Meike Mayer

Focus: Wallet – Digitizing events

16. September 2019/by Meike Mayer

MC@Gamescom 2019

27. August 2019/by Meike Mayer

320 mini flowerbeds for MC

22. August 2019/by Meike Mayer
Smart robots in the dealership

Smart robots in the dealership Vol. II

13. August 2019/by Meike Mayer

“Experience the Difference!” training event

8. August 2019/by Meike Mayer

Focus: Blockchain – something about data chains

7. August 2019/by Meike Mayer

Focus: Data Analytics

24. July 2019/by Meike Mayer

Focus: Community Management

16. July 2019/by Meike Mayer
"Ride Into The Future" – unser Satellite Event zur Tech Open Air in Berlin

MC at Tech Open Air in Berlin

8. July 2019/by Meike Mayer
Connect, Learn, Network together – First Social Intranet Night at Mercedes-Benz Consulting

First Social Intranet Night @MC

26. June 2019/by Meike Mayer
Working out Loud Meetup Mindspace Berlin

Working out Loud Meetup @Berlin

6. June 2019/by Meike Mayer
Mercedes-Benz Consulting Wallet Passes

500 wallet passes for the Daimler Global Cyber Security Convention

13. May 2019/by Meike Mayer
With the third project in our collaboration with Hochschule der Medien (HdM) Stuttgart, we go deeper into the topic of smart technology in retail.

Loomo, Pepper & pals – Smart robots at the dealership

18. April 2019/by Meike Mayer
CoC Analytics & AI_Services

New Center of Competence at Mercedes-Benz Consulting

15. April 2019/by Meike Mayer
Salesforce Basecamp Mercedes-Benz Consulting

Salesforce Base Camp – How to link the offline and online worlds

10. April 2019/by Meike Mayer
Interview Olesja Mescherjakow Online-Karrieretag Stuttgart

Online-Karrieretag Stuttgart 2019 – Interview with our colleague Olesja from HR

2. April 2019/by Meike Mayer
internal format

Lunch & Learn – More than sharing knowledge

15. March 2019/by Meike Mayer

We’re honored with the BestPersAward!

4. March 2019/by Meike Mayer

We’ve done it again: We’re a Top Employer of 2019!

31. January 2019/by Meike Mayer
Jahresauftakt MC

PAVE THE WAY– MC kicks of the year 2019

14. January 2019/by Meike Mayer

Driving home for Christmas – die 83. Mercedes-Benz Social Media Night

20. December 2018/by Meike Mayer

“Schenk ein Lächeln” Christmas event – Once again, we were there!

19. December 2018/by Meike Mayer
#CiaoStau - Company mobility management moves us, and moves Stuttgart

#CiaoStau – Company mobility management moves us, and moves Stuttgart

19. December 2018/by Meike Mayer

#Arena of Ideas – Retail event marketing and communication, Berlin

4. December 2018/by Meike Mayer
Mercedes-Benz Consulting gewinnt bei Best of Consulting 2018

The Virtual Retail Lab wins at Best of Consulting 2018!

22. November 2018/by Meike Mayer
Social commitment: Now we're a “Kelly-Insel”!_FHD

social commitment: Now we’re a “Kelly-Insel”!

11. October 2018/by Meike Mayer
Virtual reality on Museum Hill

Virtual reality on Museum Hill — the 80th Mercedes-Benz Social Media Night

9. October 2018/by Meike Mayer