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  • Whitepaper: Process to Product

  • Whitepaper: Process to Product

A Guide for Your Digital Transformation

Businesses increasingly need to operate in an unpredictable, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. In addition to this, they face the significant challenges of digital transformation, which particularly pose a substantial challenge to established and historically grown companies.

In a study among CEOs, 87% of respondents indicated that they consider the transition from existing legacy systems to modern, efficient, and customer-centric IT systems as the most significant pain point in their organization. Process to Product (P2P) is a methodology developed and tested by Mercedes-Benz Consulting to assist companies in successfully navigating this transition.

P2P transforms business processes into functions within IT systems. P2P, as a methodology, breaks down silos between business departments and IT development, enhances collaboration among agile teams, and contributes to the rapid and efficient delivery of customer-centric software.

Learn more about how you can elevate your operational processes to a new level in the Mercedes-Benz Consulting Whitepaper “Process to Product.”

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