Strategy Workshops

For executives of a client company, we conceived and implemented a series of strategy workshops.

The goal was to develop projects and define actions to secure the company’s future through continued qualitative and economic development.

Initial Situation

Despite their strong market position and competitive edge, the Wertachkliniken health care facilities wanted to prepare for greater competitive pressure down the road. This involved developing strategies and specific action early on.


Enhancing the executives’ ability to think and act along commercial lines was a key factor identified by the customer.


In preparation for the first workshop, an anonymous on-line survey was conducted to canvass opinions and attitudes among executives on the first and second management tiers. This established a framework from which the executives first derived the key factors impacting the company’s future competitiveness. During subsequent workshops, the working groups defined more detailed measures. Between the workshops, during the transfer phases, these interdisciplinary working groups continued to move toward implementation.


In a final follow-up workshop, the executives and the Management Board jointly agreed on additional measures to ensure a sustainable improvement process.