Mercedes me

To provide the best customer experience, a large number of new Mercedes me Stores are opening in the world’s largest metropolitan areas, with a pilot store in Hamburg. In a relaxed environment, Mercedes me Stores provide an opportunity mostly for young, digitally savvy consumers to interact with the brand for the first time. The stores combine an analog and digital shopping experience and offer a wide range of multimedia, such as digital signage, multi-touch tables and iPads.

These new tools need to be fed with relevant content on a regular basis. Therefore, the systems for content maintenance and display need to evolve and improve constantly to ensure that visitors can always retrieve the right information about brand and products. Mercedes-Benz Consulting GmbH offers a comprehensive package to provide content for the worldwide rollout of the Mercedes me Stores.

Initial Situation

Every Mercedes me Store is characterized by digital content and multimedia communication programs—they create the special Mercedes me atmosphere.


Only if those devices interact and provide the right information will it be possible to connect the young target group with the brand and its products.


We prepared, maintained, and evolved the key media content in the Mercedes me Stores and developed the display and content concepts further to create a unique brand experience.


To continue making our mark on this brand experience, we provide the concept and content, and issue a newsletter. For the global expansion of the Mercedes me Stores, we work on evolving the concept of digital signage and multi-media content.