Customer Contact Center Optimization

Commissioned by Mercedes-Benz Regional Sales Head Office Germany, Mercedes-Benz Consulting GmbH had to develop a pragmatic approach for bundling and standardizing the functions of the customer contact center as part of the networking approach. We developed a cross-division customer contact center concept that we piloted and rolled out—including on-site cross-division consulting and consistent coaching.

Our tasks include defining the organizational structure and unified roles, job profiles and service level standards in the customer contact center. We also specify consistent capacity planning and adapt the systems and the infrastructure at the car dealership. In addition we set up a unified telephony solution and reporting system for each network. Other tasks include integration of phone system and after-sales KPIs.

Initial Situation

Mercedes-Benz Germany is planning to merge various local sites into restructured regional sales head offices. This creates a situation where subsidiaries with different system landscapes, rollout levels (inbound/outbound or only inbound) and organizational structures need to be merged.


Creating standardized and cross-division customer contact centers for regional sales headquarters providing sales and after-sales customer service and qualifying customers and leads for passenger and commercial vehicles. The customer contact centers are being standardized and restructured to improve customer experience and increase Own Retail ROI for the long term.