Digital Performance

Successfully master the challenges of digitization and inspire your customers.


The digital world and the opportunities it offers to companies often seem challenging and complex. Force of innovation, speed of implementation, customer focus and customer inspiration are strong success factors and crucial components of your company’s specific digitization. Together we develop specialized strategies, advise you on implementation and ensure adequate qualification and sustainability for your digital solution.



We concentrate on core questions that are worth answering again as digitization progresses:


What are the relevant digital trends and innovations? What influence does digitization have on your company? How can I further develop digital touch points with a customer focus? Who is my target audience, and how do I address them through digital channels? How do I measure, evaluate and process the digital Customer Journey and the data gained from it? How do I acquire the professional skills and capabilities for implementing digital innovation?

Our services at a glance

Digital Innovation

Acting as an interface with the digital world, we create true innovation and transfer new use cases, services and business models to the company. We take you the whole way from the first idea to sustainable scaling.


  • Startup screening
  • Digital inspiration & events
  • Technology-driven innovation
  • Strategy development
  • Business modeling
  • Prototyping & Validation

Immersive Technology

As digital pioneers, we don’t just talk about technology – we use technology to create real experiences. As tech experts and first-movers, we continuously test tomorrow’s hardware and software solutions and use them to shape future purchase experiences.


  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital signage
  • Future showroom experience

eBusiness Architecture

We transform business opportunities into actual results – with seamless integration into an increasingly complex IT landscape. We not only enable our clients to manage their own complexity in a holistic and sustainable way, but also provide a first-class customer experience.


  • Digital solution & experience design
  • Transformation processes
  • Digital architecture
  • Requirements engineering
  • Conceptual development & specification
  • Usability & quality assurance

Performance Marketing

We create a seamless, effective, measurable customer journey by using the right online channels to address your target group and achieve your business goals. Addressing your customers personally, with the right message at the right moment, increases satisfaction of your customers and your ROI.


  • Digital campaigning
  • Personalization & one-on-one
  • Digital competence center
  • Evaluation & dashboards
  • Marketing professionalization

Smart Data Management

The business models of the future will be based on data – and data will be the driving force behind all growth. We at Mercedes-Benz Consulting are already today laying the foundation for creating solutions for a data-driven world in order to profit sustainably from this multi-million-dollar market.


  • Data & analytics
  • Customer ID
  • Business intelligence
  • Performance optimization
  • Data visualization

Organization & Transformation

We enable companies to sustainably and effectively manage the digital transformation and the products and services that result from it. We think beyond traditional structures, design tomorrow’s companies with a radically lean, agile mentality, and establish a customer-oriented, data-driven digital culture for our clients.


  • Organizational innovation & business development
  • Transformation sparring
  • Business empowerment
  • Digital rollout