Digital Performance

Are you online? Your target audience is!


We can give you ideas on how to design and develop your company-specific digital customer journey. In the process, we will look at the marketing opportunities in digital information and sales channels from an integrated and holistic perspective, rather than a monolithic one. We aim to ensure the best possible orchestration of your digital strategies for your clients.


We can also offer advice and support for search engine optimization and marketing, social media management, digital media management, customer relationship management, and campaign tracking and analysis.

Our targeted training can help you expand, intensify, and always keep your digital competencies up to date. We find the right answers to your digital questions and needs. As your partner, we will follow your vision through to its implementation and make your challenges our own.


We have an integrative, visionary working approach, spanning various specializations and digital channels.

Our services at a glance

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we will increase the visibility of your company as well as its services and products in search engines. We design SEO-aware websites and provide SEO training for your IT and content workers.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Mercedes-Benz Consulting analyzes, plans, implements, and evaluates the placement of your paid media campaigns in international search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Based on your targets,we create customized campaign setups for efficient, successful implementation in search engines.

Social Media Management

We assist you in professionalizing your digital dialog. Our Social Media Management portfolio includes introducing your company’s social media presence, placing organic and promotional content, implementing content provisioning processes on the relevant social media platforms, and analyzing and designing social media applications and reporting tools.

Digital Campaigning

The aim of Digital Campaigning is to create and steer integrated, cross-channel campaigns. We will support you in developing a customized campaign concept and advise you on various advertising media, types, and channels.  Mercedes-Benz Consulting interfaces with agencies to assure quality and to coordinate processes.

Customer Relationship Management

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) offering focuses on user experience. We analyze all the relevant contact points and target audiences for your specific objective. From there we develop customer retention and acquisition measures to combine all the checkpoints in an end-to-end customer journey.

Tracking and Reporting

When measuring success, the quality of your data is of decisive importance. To determine the performance of your campaigns we use marketers and website KPIs. We build sales funnels from online click to offline sales with clear, simple visualization. We then use them to derive specific optimization options and new sales opportunities.