Customer Contact Management

Mercedes-Benz Consulting offers targeted, tailored, holistic customer contact management consulting solutions—from strategy to implementation.

We partner with you and make your challenges our own. You will gain a competitive edge to meet the high demands of new and existing clients for the long term. The logical consequence? Lasting customer retention.

Our services at a glance

Customer Dialog Strategy

Meaningful information about your customers and their needs forms the basis of our strategy. We identify those needs using contact points in customer dialogs to create a tailored customer journey. Developing the relevant KPIs is part of measuring the success and efficiency of your customer journey.

Campaign Planning

How can you increase the efficiency of your campaigns and thus customer interest simultaneously across multiple channels? How can you ensure customers are addressed adequately in these various channels? We will answer all these questions by developing a customized campaign concept tailored to your objectives.

Lead Generation

A target group-oriented approach requires an efficient use of your communication channels. This will increase both the number and quality of customer requests. We analyze your current usage rate of potential communication channels and adapt it to your target group’s media usage.

Customer Contact Center

Building a cross-division customer contact center for inbound and outbound results in efficient, high-quality lead qualification. By doing that, you also ensure that customer requests are dealt with quickly and based on demands. The result? Optimizing your active customer approach to increase your sales.

Management Consulting

We can also help you steer and monitor the customer contact center. We will help you define and measure the relevant KPIs, develop a custom dashboard for representing those data, and use a tried-and-true methodical approach to assist you throughout the change processes.

Customized Solutions

Contact us, and together we will design the right product for you.