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  • Wallet Event Pass made by Mercedes-Benz Consulting

  • Wallet Event Pass made by Mercedes-Benz Consulting

October 2022

Event planning is extensive and multifaceted. This isn’t just true of preparing the event location and program, but also of managing agencies and service providers. Even ticketing is often a big challenge. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a purely digital event or a live one. That’s why innovative technologies and digital tools are becoming ever more important.

Ticketing and interaction rolled into one: Our Wallet Event Pass!

Ticketing should be simple and communicative. This is why at Mercedes-Benz Consulting, we offer our own wallet solution. It includes the entire process from booking/invitation to accreditation all the way to event communication – before, during and after the event.

For this, so-called event passes are created using our wallet solution. These digital tickets are saved to the participants’ smartphones (to iOS through Apple Wallet or to Android through PassWallet or Google Pay) and allow access to analog and digital events, such as admission to museums, sports events, concerts, conferences or trade shows. Tailored to customer needs and demands.

1.    Before the event — Creating the wallet passes

The passes can be created either from a guest list and sent directly to the participants, or alternatively generated through a landing page. The landing page is provided as a separate page or integrated into an existing website.

Participants get their event pass easily through a download link. This is sent directly from the wallet system through an e-mail template designed for the event or simply accessed by scanning a QR code on the landing page or on site. Of course, the passes can also be stored with a payment function and sold from the landing page.

2.    During and after the event — Accreditation and interaction

On site, the event pass is validated for accreditation. Validation can be done either by scanning the QR code on the front of the pass or easily through NFC (near-field communication). Depending on the configuration, the wallet pass can simply be voided after validation or scanned multiple times.

3. Other advantages and special features of our Wallet Event Pass:

  • Use the wallet pass as a communication channel with push notifications:
    Before, during or after the event, you can send short, custom push notifications to your participants’ end devices (such as a welcome greeting, teasers for the next agenda item, notification of changes, etc.). The location- and time-based setup allows sending push notifications impromptu or according to a schedule.
  • The many options and dynamic order-specific adjustments allow the wallet pass to be customized to your specific requirements and needs.
  • Our wallet solution is GDPR compliant and meets high security standards for cloud hosting. This allows us to process participants’ personal data and personalize the event passes.

4. Value proposition and references

The end-to-end concept (from pass creation to accreditation to event communication) reflects our holistic approach from strategy to implementation. In the field of events, Mercedes-Benz Consulting’s wallet solution is a product that for years has inspired both external customers and those within the Mercedes-Benz Group. Among others, our wallet solution has been used at:

  • the IAA (International Automobile Show) in Frankfurt
  • the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas
  • In addition to the use at participating museums in Berlin and events within the Mercedes-Benz Group, event passes have been used for our own internal events at Mercedes-Benz Consulting.

Do you have an event in the offing, or are you already planning one and are interested in the event pass? We look forward to talking with you!

Sebastian Clement, Consultant (Smart Technology) & Frank Scaglioso, Manager (Smart Technology)