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  • Fully focused on what’s coming

  • Fully focused on what’s coming

Scoring points with the best training

Training programs build knowledge and skills and focus on a clear, predefined goal. Comprehensive years-long experience paired with our passion for innovation make us at Mercedes-Benz Consulting a perfect training partner. Whether it’s sales training, moderation training or system training, we extend theory and practice into an individual, optimally tuned combination that helps our customers score points across the board. For example, a software introduction became a custom-tailored concept that included over 3,000 training sessions worldwide. This can work only with professional planning, targeted coordination of a variety of expertise, and an experienced, self-directed, excellently positioned team of trainers. That is training with Mercedes-Benz Consulting.

Quick overview of training

  • Training participants 2018: 40,591
  • Trainers: 70
  • Combined experience: > 20 years
  • Favorite feedback: wow effect with long-term effectiveness

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