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  • Team Spirit, Communication & Diversity

    At Mercedes-Benz Consulting, variety at work is deeply embedded in our company philosophy. With our two core areas of consulting & training, we have a broad range of responsibilities. We offer an environment where your skills can fully unfold on a national or international scale, as part of a team, or independently. A strong community of experts drives our team spirit— with a focus on “WE.” Cooperation and mutual respect are a given at our company. We pull together and support each other.

    We value short decision-making paths. Our flat hierarchies allow a culture of trust and communication. We encourage direct, continuous communication between employees and the management team. We strengthen strengths and weaken weaknesses. Developing each individual—whether a consultant, trainer, or commercial employee—is a core component of Mercedes-Benz Consulting GmbH and a focal point of our HR strategy.


    We lead by cooperation. That’s why the diversity we experience at work enriches our company. We love seeing different cultures, languages and people interact while searching for the best possible solution.

    Corporate Culture & Values

    Our company’s people are what drives us. We can offer a wide range of development opportunities to everyone wanting to kick-start their career by taking on exciting and varied tasks, in the office and in the field.


    Consultants, trainers, and coaches with years of experience work in our Centers of Excellence. They all have outstanding expertise and knowledge of processes. Our customers value our in-depth understanding of ensuring knowledge transfer and long-term results. Being in dialog with all the contact points in our company puts us on an equal footing with our clients to understand their business, and develop the ideal solutions everyone can reproduce.

    We build on our core values: honesty in every detail, the courage to try out something new and never thought of, trust as both the basis and the result of good teamwork, independence and fun at driving innovation, and a long-term rise in value. To us, teamwork paves the way to creativity and diversity. Company-wide partnership and teamwork with our clients lead to measurable results and successful, long-lasting, solutions.