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  • Company mobility – your path to sustainable mobility

  • Company mobility – your path to sustainable mobility

December 2021

What does corporate mobility respectively company mobility management (CMM) mean?

Our mobility needs, our way of working, our environmental consciousness and the trend toward suburbanization present companies with new challenges. Intelligent corporate mobility concepts help achieve tangible, sustainable changes in employees’ mobility behavior through individually targeted, needs-oriented action.

What advantages do companies get?

  • Promoting health and motivation among your employees
  • Making the company and its site more attractive
  • Improving your company’s ecological footprint
  • Lowering your site costs
  • Taking a load off the traffic infrastructure
  • and much more.

What advantages do employees get?

  • Good accessibility to the workplace
  • Stress reduction and time savings
  • Better health
  • Cheaper, more flexible choice of transportation
  • and much more.

Efficient configuration of mobility pays off – ecologically, economically and socially.

Are you wondering if corporate mobility is for your company, too?
It is! We are firmly convinced of that.

We have created a brief overview to show how individual steps in implementing a corporate mobility concept might look:

1. Analysis of the initial situation:

The goal is to find the best individual solutions that suit both the company and the needs of individual employees. For this purpose, a comprehensive analysis of the current situation is performed as a first step. This sheds light on all available offerings and modes of transport, and on employees’ mobility behavior. For example, what public transport connections are there? How good is bicycle access? How do employees travel to customers and appointments? What is the company’s vehicle fleet like?

2. Action concept and implementation:

The current-situation analysis and the potentials derived from it serve as the basis for the action concept, which is created in close coordination with the company and put on the path to implementation. The important thing is to include the employees from the very beginning and to communicate the individual steps transparently throughout the company.

3. Checkup:

To achieve the best possible success, regular checks must be performed to determine whether the actions implemented are achieving the desired results. If there are still deficiencies, or if the actions are not having their expected effect, readjustments are made.

Take action with us!

As a middle-sized company with roots in a large conglomerate, we know today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Our strength is a 360° outlook, decades of experience, and the aspiration to assist our customers individually from strategy development to implementation.

We are part of the “Regional Experience Exchange in Company Mobility Management” initiated by the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation (Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH).. At these networking events we regularly exchange ideas with other companies in the Stuttgart region on mobility management goals, actions and projects.

Contact us, and we’ll help you think over how your future mobility concept could look:
You can e-mail our colleagues Panagiotis Giannopoulos and Martin Köcher at