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April 2018

Shortly before Easter, we started another MC project together with students from the Hochschule für Technik (HFT), Stuttgart.

The main question: How well are car dealership customers taking to the innovative wallet marketing technology, and at which touch points can it be useful? The goal is nothing less than optimal integration of wallet technology into the digital retail customer journey. The students intend to find this out by using various analyses and on-site investigations in dealerships.

The seven-person team from the business psychology program was already well prepared when the kickoff came. “The students are personally interested in the project’s topic. Their work will be a valuable addition to our consulting activities on digitization of retail,” says Dr. Patrick Planing, who launched the project.

He is supervising the students along with Timo Urso, Management Consultant Digital Marketing. In addition to his work at Mercedes-Benz Consulting, Planing is also a professor at HFT. We eagerly await the results of the investigations, which the team will present at the MC Center in late June!