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  • Virtual Retail Lab - Everything can be experienced in 3D

  • Virtual Retail Lab - Everything can be experienced in 3D


Mercedes-Benz Consulting’s internally developed Virtual Retail Lab (VRL) shows how lifelike, multifaceted and customer-centered process simulation, communication and consulting can be. Everything is experienced in 3D, like in a computer game.

The VRL visualizes the interaction of roles, systems, Sales and After Sales processes and lets the user experience the architecture of the future retail today. Colleagues from retail, markets, and HQ can thus explore all retail processes in a playful way. The VRL is a true multi-talent. A versatile platform for communication, consulting, training, and simulations.

Thanks to the game-like approach the platform is easily accessible and opens doors to new possibilities. Sales, After Sales, Marketing or Passenger Cars, Vans, Trucks – every division will be given the opportunity to participate according to its individual requirements. True to the motto “sharing is caring“ all basic content is bundled in the VRL, knowledge is cross-linked and continuously grows.

Thus, we create a powerful data platform that everyone can profit from. Already, we can easily identify correlations, opportunities and risks – and develop new solutions accordingly.

People experienced the Virtual Retail Lab live at TEDx Stuttgart 2017. Curious? Just click on our video!

»The VRL is a true multi-talent.«