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  • The next round‘s topic is ’Smart City’

  • The next round‘s topic is ’Smart City’

February 2018

Advancement of mutual projects and interests is the engine that drives our collaboration with Macromedia University.

To build on previous success, the next steps of the collaboration were discussed in early 2018. For this, a meeting was held with Dr. Kolo and Dr. Agarwal of Macromedia University and our colleagues Raphael Saupp, Head of Customer Management and Robert Häusler, Management Consultant Customer Management.

The topic in focus was “Smart City”. Currently, more than 30 students are engaged with the “Citizen Journey” with metropolitan Turin, Italy, as its example.

The goal is to design innovative technologies and smart mobility concepts that are tailor made to the residents of that city (“citizen centric”).

“The students’ work is an outstanding supplement to our consulting work in the Customer Management and Smart City area,” says Raphael Saupp of Mercedes-Benz Consulting.

We are already excited to see the students’ results. They are working full force on their projects under the direction of Dr. Alyosh Agarwal and Robert Häusler.