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  • “Schenk ein Lächeln” Christmas event – Once again, we were there!

  • “Schenk ein Lächeln” Christmas event – Once again, we were there!

Dezember 2018

It happens every year at the same time at about 40 Daimler sites: We wrap presents for children and teens from socially disadvantaged families. Because a Christmas tree and Santa Claus aren’t a given for many young people.

Naturally, this year we again took part in the employee “Give a Smile” event, to spread a little Christmas cheer to these young ones.

Thanks to our MC colleagues’ strong commitment, we could lovingly wrap a lot of toys, books, stuffed animals and art supplies, and at the end of November hand them over to our local event partner Schwäbische Tafel Stuttgart e.V.

On December 15, the day finally arrived. A gang of hardworking helpers distributed “Give a Smile” packages personally to kids and teens at the food banks and refugee shelters, and were overjoyed at the light in the eyes of the children receiving them.

Our most gracious thanks to all colleagues who participated in the event!

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