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  • Review TEDx 2017 sponsored by Mercedes-Benz Consulting

  • Review TEDx 2017 sponsored by Mercedes-Benz Consulting


On September 23, 2017, the day finally arrived. TEDx (the conference for entertainment and design) opened its doors at the Römerkastell in Stuttgart. Mercedes-Benz Consulting GmbH stepped up as a main sponsor for the first time.

About 500 participants eagerly followed the nine speakers and two video talks, which conveyed their unique ideas and visions along with motivation and food for thought under this year’s motto “New Circumstances Call for a New Understanding.”

During presentation of the Virtual Retail Lab, we invited visitors to experience and test the “New Understanding” from the retail point of view. This three-dimensional visualization of a car dealership was developed by Mercedes-Benz Consulting and brings business playfully to life using stored job profiles, various architectural concepts and processes.

It allows visualization of current and future scenarios from the process point of view and from the customer or employee perspective, makes them understandable, and adapts them to current needs.

We are pleased to have been part of TEDx Stuttgart 2017! We are proud to support this format as a sponsor and to contribute to people from a wide range of fields and cultures meeting, communicating, networking and providing mutual inspiration.

The conference is a nonprofit event organized by volunteers. For more information, visit