Search Engine Marketing

As part of our consulting services, we had to ensure the efficient, continuous, long-term presence of the German sales unit on Google AdWords campaigns. Our experts at Mercedes-Benz Consulting GmbH have the following tasks here: They are the central contact, coordinator and innovator for steering communication between Mercedes-Benz Germany, the individual divisions, sales, and the agencies specializing in search engine marketing.

We coordinate and steer the individual actions and actively implement them while constantly supporting, evolving, optimizing and planning the project. Currently we oversee more than 150 participating dealers (dealerships, sales representatives, and service partners).

Initial Situation

Only 30% of the Google search requests relevant to car dealerships were covered, and only a minority of the car dealerships offered a search function for new cars.


Visibility was also poor. Third-party advertisements dominated the search results.


Our solution was to develop a new strategy to better coordinate and steer the presence of the German dealers on Google AdWords campaigns.


This enabled us to displace external competitors and third party suppliers and to dominate the Google search results page.