A double victory at the renowned WirtschaftsWoche 'Best of Consulting 2017' award



What we’ve seen before with the Formula 1 has happened again this year at the “Best of Consulting” award held by the German business magazine WirtschaftsWoche on November 21: a double win for Mercedes-Benz Consulting.


For the “Cognitive Assistant” project, we were awarded first prize in the category “Marketing and Retail”, as well as a special prize in the “Digitization” category.


The project, in collaboration with Daimler AG, aims to offer the customer a seamless experience oriented toward his or her needs and habits. An intelligent virtual assistant uses augmented reality to explain the vehicle’s functionalities, integrating the user with the system through a chatbot.




“We are very pleased with this award and with the esteem shown to our employees behind this outstanding project. At the same time, it strengthens our commitment to customer-centered consulting at the top technological level,” says Walter Konzmann, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Consulting.


“The ‘Cognitive Assistant’ has set a new benchmark in customer contact. Its focus is on automation of complex interactions with customers in the form of a ‘conversational chatbot’ that accompanies the customer on his individual journey,” adds Alex Dogariu, Manager Customer Management Strategy.


The “Best of Consulting” award is issued by WirtschaftsWoche every year and honor Germany’s best corporate consulting.