Digital Retail Lab launched



Crucial decision factors for successful digital transformation and implementation include timely, innovative delivery of new technologies and especially customer feedback and acceptance.


Therefore, in collaboration with Daimler AG, the Digital Performance division has launched the first Digital Retail Lab. Visitors encounter various physical exhibits digitally related to retail, plus coming trends to test and experience.


Currently, the Mercedes-Benz Consulting headquarters is hosting three large exhibits as well as various digital gadgets that invite visitors to plunge into virtual environments and the world of digitization.



One highlight is the company’s own “eMotion Seat”. Through a combination of driving movements and virtual reality videos, the Mercedes-Benz GLC test drive displayed is even more realistic than with a conventional 360-degree video. Even assistance systems, such as the active brake assistant, can be authentically demonstrated.


The virtual showroom provides a chance to experience various vehicle models and specific product features as close to reality as possible. The presentation is done through VR glasses (Oculus Rift) or a high-resolution 4K touch table.


The focus of the exhibits is on trying new technology in a digitized framework, direct recording and evaluation of customer feedback, and development of new formats for addressing customers digitally at the point of sale. The Digital Retail Lab is one of our initiatives for successful, far-reaching digitization.