Social Media

July 2018

Supporting retail through the digital transformation is one of Mercedes-Benz Consulting’s missions. At the behest of Daimler AG’s marketing division, we are therefore always looking for innovations and useful formats, processes and ideas. One result of this search: the new marketing format “Mercedes-Benz to Go” (MBTG).

MBTG is based on the wallet app that comes preinstalled in many smartphones, in which the user can download digital passes using QR codes (such as flight tickets). Our “car passes” contain all important information on vehicle lines and models, such as equipment, performance, purchase and leasing options, in the form of text, PDFs or links. With personalized push messages, we stay in contact with the customer after the download.

What’s special about MBTG is that we use existing technologies to make its use as simple as possible for our customers – an app that’s preinstalled on many smartphones and already learned by the user, and the long-known QR codes. “We’re happy that the wallet theme is so well received by customers,” says Timo Urso, Management Consultant Digital Marketing Mercedes-Benz Consulting,” and are excited about further use scenarios coming this year.”

  • Mercedes-Benz to Go is already found in many areas of the Daimler world:
  • MBTG revolutionized the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • MBTG has already digitized 70 car dealerships in Germany.
  • MBTG is touring local events throughout Germany – places like the Maimarkt in Mannheim (May Market Mannheim), Germany’s largest regional trade fair, and from place to place with the A-Class Roadshow.
  • MBTG enriches the museum and the Mercedes-Benz Classics at trade fairs and events – even in the permanent collection.