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  • Mercedes-Benz Consulting meets Programmatic Advertising

  • Mercedes-Benz Consulting meets Programmatic Advertising


More than 1,500 participants gather each year at the international d3con conference to exchange ideas on trends and innovations in programmatic advertising. The focus is on the use of data for marketing purposes, including CRM systems, websites and third-party providers.

The Digital Performance department of Mercedes-Benz Consulting GmbH has long been involved with this topic. In this context, the head of the digital marketing team, Kristin Marhoffer, was invited to this year’s d3con conference to give a keynote speech on the topic “Personalized and Site-Based Addressing of Customers”, and to share the main stage with marketing experts from L’Oréal, comdirect bank, DER Touristik Online and Fashionette to discuss the topic “Top Brand Advertiser’s Strategy”.

Through technological progress, programmatic advertising allows customers to be addressed in ever more precise manners. The basic idea is to show the customer the advertisement relevant to him at precisely the right moment. This is done through “machine learning” and algorithms in the background that evaluate large amounts of data in real time.

For us, it is important to make these technologies and possibilities understandable to our customers and to advise them on the best solution for targeted implementation.