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June 2018

New World – New Work. This was the motto of CEBIT 2018, in Hannover, Germany, at the Business Festival for Innovation and Digitization.

We were also represented there, on June 14–15, 2018, with our own booth at the Job and Career recruiting area. We had our eyes peeled for innovative minds and fascinating career backgrounds.

Members of the MC team on site were: Markus Lenker for Digital Business / eCommerce and Smart Data, Denis Muratcehajic for Customer Management Strategy and Olesja Mescherjakow as the contact from the personnel department.

In our luggage we brought a colorful bouquet of currently open positions.

During the two-day trade show, many interested people seized the opportunity to ask questions to MC’s job profile consultant, learn more about hiring and development opportunities, and to talk about open positions in national and international fields:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Business / ecommerce
  • Smart Data Management
  • CRM & Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • New Mobility

Did that pique your own interest?

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