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Always one step ahead of change

Automation and artificial intelligence are changing the working world. Competent qualification of employees is a challenge for companies because conditions can change continuously and very fast. In training and continuing education, digital formats are currently coming into focus, such as learning on demand or gamification, and their quality will determine future competitiveness.

With smart learning, we establish intelligent, sustainable learning concepts for companies, which enable employees to keep pace with the challenges of our time. In so doing, we support you through all phases with profound technical competence, from consulting to needs analysis, offer development, and overall project management, all the way to creating pedagogical methods, target group-oriented preparation of learning content as well as media development with UX/UI and CI in mind.

Less knowledge loss, more innovation

Conventional learning is often “storage learning”, which means that the knowledge that employees acquire in training and workshops isn’t used until later on, by which time the content may be lost due to the time lag. With our Smart Learning offering, we make learning more efficient. With newly developed individual training formats, we intervene directly at the moment of need. We do this with the help of immersion learning methods that allow employees to apply the content immediately.

Through pedagogical expertise and our internally developed MC business system method, we help you develop your knowledge content regardless of industry. We assist you with specific projects or in setting up your complete training organization.

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