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  • Experience the Virtual Retail Lab

  • Experience the Virtual Retail Lab


How can the customer experience be improved at a Mercedes-Benz dealership? How can the dealership’s digital and physical worlds be better merged together? And how does the dealership react to connectivity and e-mobility?

To find approaches and solutions to these and other issues, Mercedes-Benz Consulting is currently developing a digital tool for simulating a virtual dealership: the Virtual Retail Lab.

Based on computer game technology, intuitive architecture, roles, processes and tools can be recreated and custom modeled for the dealership.

The simulation allows efficient, premium training and consulting and is suitable for extremely concrete and simple communication of complex situations. Moreover, future scenarios for potential Customer Journeys or newly introduced processes can be simulated and action recommendations derived from them.

You can experience the Virtual Retail Lab live at TEDxStuttgart on September 23, 2017, at Stuttgart’s Römerkastell.