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  • “Experience the Difference!” training event

  • “Experience the Difference!” training event

May 2019

“Experience the Difference – With Safety” is a training event at which the participants can put Mercedes-Benz original passenger car and VAN parts through their paces. This teaches them their advantages versus similar or identical competitive parts.

Active driving stations provide both fun and plenty of information on the product and safety advantages. Meanwhile, there are theory stations where our trainers share their knowledge with participants, answer questions, and give lots of tips.

This year, “Experience the Difference – With Safety” is right off on the starting blocks with two series of events. The first took place from May 20–24 at Europe’s largest driving safety center, south of Berlin. About 240 participants were there on the starting grid.

The second round, with six more training events, will happen at the ADAC Driving Safety Center in Schlüsselfeld, near Würzburg, from September 18 to 26.

We’re already looking forward to the next leg, in southern Germany!

We’ve recorded the first event for you in a short video:

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